Dried Apricot Cobbler

Here's the finished photo of what I'm calling Tim's Crazy Apricot Cobbler. I was making beef stew on Sunday and thought that a cobbler would go great with stew. I'd made apple cobbler/crisps before but apples aren't really in season. I checked my pantry and of course I had plenty of Apricots. I had never made an Apricot cobbler before but why not, right! From start to finish it was a bit of a journey which I'll explain over a couple of posts. But the end result was a fantastic cobbler. Dried apricots are sooooo good in cobblers!

I couldn't find a good recipe for a dried fruit cobbler. And the recipes I found said to have the dried fruit sit in water for 8 hours before preparing the dish. So a little improvising was in order. I cut up a bunch of apricots threw them in a pot, covered the fruit with water and brought it to a boil. I found some cherries that I dropped in as well. After it came to a boil I let it sit for an hour on the stove hoping the re-hydration process would work. it did sort of, but when I was ready to bake the crisp the mixture was a little too watery. So more improvising was in order, Chia Seeds!

My fruit mixture for the crisp was too watery and I didn't want to dump the liquid because I'd lose all that great juice. So I improvised by adding in a couple of spoonfuls of Chia Seeds. You see Chia Seeds absorb 9 times their weight in water. I continued to cook the mixture and sure enough it started to gel. After resting on the stove for a few minutes I poured it into my baking pan and sprinkled the crumble mixture over the top and into the 350 oven. After checking back every 10 minutes or so I noticed it wasn't browning so I just left it in until the sides started caramelizing. Since the fruit mixture was a little more liquid the the usual crisp, the crumble mixture sunk into it creating a sort of pudding. So it was crispy on top, soft and goey in the middle and rich and fruity on the bottom!

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