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Oh yes, everything was (is) just fine with the order. Oh -and those 'free' chocolate malt balls sure didn't last long. Hmm-m-m, I wonder where they went to? :) Best regards to all of you at SWTNRG Dean
— Dean A
Your order was perfect. I chose to order from you as my mother ordered from you for years and years (Shirley Nault), and would often send me your products as gifts. She is no longer able to order from you, so I included a few of her favorites in my order. Thanks
— Mary
What can I say? The transaction was fast and flawless, as always, and the goodness of the ginger slices and dried blueberries is unsurpassed.
— J
Thank you so much for your awesome products! It is a total treat to be able to eat such delicious and healthy foods. I am a very happy customer.
— Stephanie
Delicious and fresh dried fruit - that is why we keep coming back! Thanks for offering quality products and specials ;o) Joan
— Joan
I am very pleased with my order and was surprised at how quickly it arrived. As usual, everything was of finest quality. Thankyou! Virginia

John Maguire of Providence Town Fudge makes the worlds best fudge in his 700 square foot store on Cape Cod. Each day he makes 5lb batches of fudge by hand, following a recipe he's used since 1984. Each flavor is made with only the finest ingredients, real butter, milk, cream, sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup and 100% pure chocolate. John follows three key steps for each batch, careful cooking of the ingredients, adequate cooling and hand paddling in copper pots.

John says the result is "one of the richest, creamiest consistencies of fudge the world has ever known."

Cape Cod cranberries and California walnuts are mixed in a Penuche based fudge. A wonderful combination of rich, creamy, fruity and nutty.

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