Medjool Dates

Black Licorice

  • Fiber Rich! Many studies show that diets low in fat and high in fiber-containing foods are associated with reduced risks of some types of cancer.
    Potassium Punch! Weight for weight, dates contain more potassium than bananas. Potassium is an essential mineral needed by your body to maintain muscle contractions, including the vital heart muscle. Dates also help make hemoglobin, the red and white blood cells.
    Vitamins Galore! Dates are loaded a variety of B-complex vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, and pantothenic acid.
    Fat/Sodium Free! Dates are a tastysnack food that will not add any sodium to your diet. California dates are also fat-free and cholesterol-free.

Customer Comments

Dear Sweet Energy Ladies, Our order arrived yesterday,'s almost gone :) well, not all of it but WOW everything is so fresh and delicious. The Medjool dates are wonderful. The figs are reminicient of ones Jean had in her Italian neighbood in Seattle when she was a young girl. Now she is 80. We founf out a couple of months ago that she has Gallbladder Cancer, pretty rare, but she was so hungry for your good treats I ordered them not having our birthday or Christmas check in hand. We will always be good customers of yours. Thank-you for putting such love and care into your packaging. I think we started with Sweet Energy about the time Carole's kids were still quite young...1987? Can't exactly remember. Well, guess I'd better close. Thank-you for bringing such "Sweet Energy" in our home! Sincerely, Barbara and Jean God Bless You!
— Barbara
Best ginger in the world. Can't live without it! Dates are fabulous, too. Thank you.
— holly h
I love the cheese crisps just for a snack and when I get to the crumbs, I have soup. I also like the dried fruit, it is greaat for snacks to. Great products all around.
— Faye
Love all of your dried fruit. The free apricots was a generous gift and have to really be careful about not overeating these tasty treat. The Medjool Dates are largest dates I have seen and the taste is superb! I love the figs especially since they can be frozen so I can enjoy them months later. Other products I have ordered have been very good quality.
— Carolyn N.
Sweet Energy products are always delivered fresh and in a timely manner. Friends love getting them as gifts and the variety of choices pleases everyone's palate.
— Diane E
We are very pleased with the order and how promptly it arrived! Thank you, Virginia
What can I say? The transaction was fast and flawless, as always, and the goodness of the ginger slices and dried blueberries is unsurpassed.
— J
Thank you for the delicious dried fruits and the wonderful chocolates. You service is very quick and you are a pleasure to purchase from.
— Melody
I love the dried fruit. They taste very natural, not overly sweetened and fake tasting like some others I've purchased from the grocery store. Thanks for the great product.
— kari
Delicious and fresh dried fruit - that is why we keep coming back! Thanks for offering quality products and specials ;o) Joan
— Joan
I am very pleased with my order and was surprised at how quickly it arrived. As usual, everything was of finest quality. Thankyou! Virginia

Mother Nature's Pride of the Season

According to ancient history, the date palm was made from dust left over from the creation of Adam. Next to the coconut palm, it is the most useful of the palm family. The tree trunk provides fuel and building materials. The leaves can be used for weaving mats and baskets. The buds can be eaten as a vegetable. The fruit seeds can be ground and roasted as a substitute for coffee.

But it is the date palm that is the most popular. And of the many variety of dates, the Medjool is treasured above all. An absolute joy to cook with because their natural sweetness reduces the need for refined sugar. A constant pleasure to serve because they always bring rave reviews!
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