Jumbo Apricots

Black Licorice

With every bite of this wonder fruit, you are helping your body fight bacteria and infection, repair damaged tissues, build strong teeth and bones and improve your eyesight. One of Mother Natures most concentrated sources of Vitamin A. High in beta-carotene and lycopene activity which can help protect the heart and eyes.
Rich in Vitamin A which promotes good vision.
Loaded with potassium.

Customer Comments

Your products are delicious and I will continue ordering as I have for many years. I especially enjoy the Super Jumbo Apricots. Thanks!
— faith
I think the ginger slices were even better this time and of course, I always enjoy those Jumbo apricots. The order was delivered promptly. Thank you
— Elaine
The licorice I recently ordered was here before I knew it and is the best. The figs and apricot were also great. Buying from you ladies is always a good experience.
— Walter
I love the cheese crisps just for a snack and when I get to the crumbs, I have soup. I also like the dried fruit, it is greaat for snacks to. Great products all around.
— Faye
I have tried dried figs and apricots from many companies and still find that Sweet Energy products are the best! Their freshness, plumpness and shelf life far surpass all the rest. As a cookbook author, and self-taught chef, the best ingredients are key in the perfect, finished dish. Sweet Energy's products provide that for me. Kate Krukowski Gooding blackflystew.com
— Kate
Love all of your dried fruit. The free apricots was a generous gift and have to really be careful about not overeating these tasty treat. The Medjool Dates are largest dates I have seen and the taste is superb! I love the figs especially since they can be frozen so I can enjoy them months later. Other products I have ordered have been very good quality.
— Carolyn N.

Apricots simply don't get any better than these!

The sweetest apricots grow in the valleys of the Malatya region in eastern Turkey. When the fruit has reached its peak of flavor, it is gently removed from the trees and laid in the sun to dry. Sweet Energy dried apricots are packed to order by our working Moms so they arrive plump and moist at your door. You won't find better apricots anywhere - we guarantee it!
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