Turkish Figs

Black Licorice

Figs can be part of almost any special diet, be it low fat, low sodium, high fiber, weight loss or diabetic.
They satisfy a sweet tooth without adding any fat. Their unique satiny texture and seeds provide a satisfying mouth feel and crunch.
Figs are fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free.
Figs are high in fiber, providing 20% of the Daily Value - more than any other common dried or fresh fruit.
Figs have the highest mineral content of all common fruits. A 1/4 cup serving provides 244 mg of potassium (7% of the DV), 53 mg of calcium (6% of the DV) and 1.2 mg of iron (6% of the DV).

Customer Comments

Dear Sweet Energy Ladies, Our order arrived yesterday, and...it's almost gone :) well, not all of it but WOW everything is so fresh and delicious. The Medjool dates are wonderful. The figs are reminicient of ones Jean had in her Italian neighbood in Seattle when she was a young girl. Now she is 80. We founf out a couple of months ago that she has Gallbladder Cancer, pretty rare, but she was so hungry for your good treats I ordered them not having our birthday or Christmas check in hand. We will always be good customers of yours. Thank-you for putting such love and care into your packaging. I think we started with Sweet Energy about the time Carole's kids were still quite young...1987? Can't exactly remember. Well, guess I'd better close. Thank-you for bringing such "Sweet Energy" in our home! Sincerely, Barbara and Jean God Bless You!
— Barbara
I ordered the chocolate covered figs for our water aerobics luncheon. It was nice that each was individually packaged as I was able to put one at each person's seating. All ,both male and female guests were delighted with them proving that Friday 13 with Sweet Energy's input can be a pleasant experience.
— Elizabeth
I love the cheese crisps just for a snack and when I get to the crumbs, I have soup. I also like the dried fruit, it is greaat for snacks to. Great products all around.
— Faye
I love my figs! I have been working out a lot the last couple of months and my 'low potassium red flag' went off during pilates class on Monday. My figs were on my doorstep when I got home Tuesday night and life is GOOD!!! My kick boxing class went off without a hitch today!
— Charlotte Rae
Love all of your dried fruit. The free apricots was a generous gift and have to really be careful about not overeating these tasty treat. The Medjool Dates are largest dates I have seen and the taste is superb! I love the figs especially since they can be frozen so I can enjoy them months later. Other products I have ordered have been very good quality.
— Carolyn N.

The World's Best

Figs have been enjoyed for centuries as they are among themost ancient aof cultivated fruits. Fresh figs are fragile and highly perishable, so 90% of the crop is utilized as dried.

Sweet Energy dried figs come from Turkey, the world's leading producer of the golden brown Smyrna variety. It is favored for its distinctive honey taste and thin outer skin, and commands a higher price than either the Greek or black Mission!
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