California Apricot Preserves

Black Licorice

With every bite of this wonder fruit, you are helping your body fight bacteria and infection, repair damaged tissues, build strong teeth and bones and improve your eyesight. One of Mother Natures most concentrated sources of Vitamin A. High in beta-carotene and lycopene activity which can help protect the heart and eyes.
Rich in Vitamin A which promotes good vision.
Loaded with potassium.

Customer Comments

These are the best darn blueberry preserves I've ever tasted!
— Dave Winzler
Your products are out standing. I have given the Jumbo Apricots as gifts and gotten raves for it. I always thought that all jam is pretty much the same: fruit, sugar, and pectin, then I tasted yours. It was supurlative; I am sure it is the best in the world! The modjule dates are great but no better than what I can get at my co-op and there it is alot cheaper. I like the descriptive narratives in your catalog too. It is a helpful review of the benefits of each fruit you offer. Yes, those working housewives of yours are knowledgable,cordial and most helpful.And I also really like the opportunity to try out a smaller, cheaper sample of many of the products that you offer. It is an allround sweet experience working with you folks!
— Dale
I have never been disappointed with anything ordered from your company. Your fruit preserves will make great Christmas gift. Thank you for adding Spanish items; the garlic with basil is terrific.
— Judith
Sweet Energy products are always delivered fresh and in a timely manner. Friends love getting them as gifts and the variety of choices pleases everyone's palate.
— Diane E
Excellent products! Have ordered from you many times and will continue.
— Lynda
Oh yes, everything was (is) just fine with the order. Oh -and those 'free' chocolate malt balls sure didn't last long. Hmm-m-m, I wonder where they went to? :) Best regards to all of you at SWTNRG Dean
— Dean A
What can I say? The transaction was fast and flawless, as always, and the goodness of the ginger slices and dried blueberries is unsurpassed.
— J
Thank you for the delicious dried fruits and the wonderful chocolates. You service is very quick and you are a pleasure to purchase from.
— Melody
I love the dried fruit. They taste very natural, not overly sweetened and fake tasting like some others I've purchased from the grocery store. Thanks for the great product.
— kari
Delicious and fresh dried fruit - that is why we keep coming back! Thanks for offering quality products and specials ;o) Joan
— Joan
I am very pleased with my order and was surprised at how quickly it arrived. As usual, everything was of finest quality. Thankyou! Virginia

Just like Grandma used to make

Loaded with chunks of premium California apricots without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Ideal for spreading on toast or English muffins, topping pancakes or filling fancy pastries.

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