Our Story

How Sweet Energy Started
Sweet Energy was started in 1979 by Carole Ziter. Carole was a teacher before she became a full time Mom with three young kids. Not wanting to miss any time with the kids as they grew up she started and slowly grew Sweet Energy from working out of the house. Her kids, Chris, Tim and Tiffany grew up in the fruit business where helping out with the business was a part of every day life.

Eventually the business outgrew her home and she rented warehouse space for a few years before constructing her own building at 195 Acorn Lane in Colchester where Sweet Energy exists today.

The Best Dried Fruit
Carole was relentless in finding the finest growers of dried fruit, grocery store quality dried fruit was always passed over for larger, premium fruit. And freshness was always key as she brought in small quantities of the premium fruit and packed to order. That passion remains today as we still buy our fruit from the very same fruit growers she established over 30 years ago. And we still pack to order, by hand. Our fruit doesn’t sit bins for months getting all dried out. And our fruit isn’t machine packed for mass consumption.

Personal Service
Give us a call during the week, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm and you’ll reach either our Office Manager Dawn, Operations Manager Dale or Carole’s Son Tim, all of which will be happy to take your order. We don’t have fancy phone trees that make you press lots of buttons to get to a person. We don’t have representatives in Ireland or India taking our calls. We are a small company and everyone is involved in every aspect of the business from top to bottom. We feel that speaking with you is our pleasure and look forward to talking to you each and every day.

Our personal service was so important to Carole from the beginning. She used to hand write personal thank you notes on every single order and keep a file card for every customer marking down all their family members and personal essentials. As Sweet Energy grew she could no longer write individual letters and instead wrote wonderful letters in each edition of the catalog.

Working Moms
From the beginning of Sweet Energy Carole hired Moms who needed part time work as the kids were in school. Pretty soon that developed into a small work force of “Working Moms” taking orders, packing and shipping all the goodies out the door. Nowadays those Working Moms are mostly Working Grand Moms. For each order you will get the attention to detail as if your Mom or Grandmom was taking care of your order.

Next Generation of Sweet Energy
In 2001 son Tim and his wife Audrey took over the reigns at Sweet Energy and continue to oversee operations to this very day. Tim & Audrey infused new energy into the business expanding the product line, redesigning the catalog and website. But they continue the same personal service and high quality product standards that Carole established from day one. And of course with the birth of their son Malcolm and daughter Charlotte, family came first as they share the adventures of their family in every catalog.