Audrey the Photographer

Do you know what the difference is when you have a good photographer, well I do.  If you read our March 31st blog about healthy to go snacks, I was responsible for the photos of the kids in that post.  Audrey was busy working on the next catalog but she wasn't even close to satisfied with the photos that I took.  And come on were they that bad?  Here's Audrey's rendition of the kids picking healthy snacks for a road trip.  Not only was the set-up amazing, the kids are really into it and the photos tell such a better story.  Great job Audrey!

Look at the set up, all the treats in fun canning jars instead of my boring plate

Photo pic1.jpg

Photo pic2.jpg

Happy snackers vs my photos the kids were all frowns

Photo pic3.jpg

The hero shot!

Photo pic4.jpg

She even got candid shots...

Photo pic5.jpg

Photo pic6.jpg

Yes our kids actually eat this stuff!

Photo pic7.jpg

Charlotte, photographer in training hoping one day she'll be part of Sweet Energy

Photo pic8.jpg

Re-purposed Boxes

 In your next order you might receive a little notice in with your order about Sweet Energy Re-Purposed boxes.  And while you think of it the box that your order came in might look different from the last one.  That's becuase we are trying to do our part with the goal of becoming Zero Waste.

Did you know that paper and cardboard accounts for over 40% of the landfill in the U.S. alone?  It's true and why we are using this perfectly good box again to send your order.  Your box would be recycled if it is lucky or just end up in the landfill.

What is a Re-purposed box?  Each week we receive our goods in high quality boxes that we normally recycle.  but we thougt why not use them again and send them out with orders to you.  We guarantee these boxes will be of the highest quality otherwise we wouldn't use them.

It's our way of trying to be more envirnomentally responsible.  Try re-purposing boxes at home, you'll find it very rewarding.Photo stampblog.jpg

Last Chance Chocolate Sale

 We are always sad this time of year because with the approaching warmer weather we have to stop shipping chocolate.  Now even though there was a frost last night up here in Vermont we know the warm weather is coming.  Yes even though we were watching The Masters last Sunday in Richmond, Vermont during a snowstorm the warmer weather is coming.

So if you are a chocolate lover like I know you are because who isn't, now is the time to place that one last final order.  If you live in the New England area you probably have a little more time.  But if you live in Florida or Texas now is the time to order.

Enjoy that last bit of chocolate!

Photo lastchoc.jpg

Granola Soft Pretzels

 Our kids can't get enough of soft pretzels you know like the ones you find at the ballpark or in city carts. So I've learned how to make them at home for a fraction of the price and with a Sweet Energy nutritional boost! 

For a couple of times I simply made the regular recipe and then one time there was some granola in a bowl while I was rolling the pretzels and I just threw some granola on the pretzel to see what happened.  And it was easy at first I just sprinkled a little on top and not a lot stuck when baking.  Then I discovered that the more you press it in and roll it, the more granola you can get in that pretzel the better.  Make sure you push in the fruit and nuts as well.

So ere's our take on Soft Pretzels rolled in Sweet Energy granola. Imagine soft pretzels with the nutty sweet crunch of healthy nuts and dried fruit. They can be used as a healthy breakfast on the go or a nutritious snack. Your kids will never go back to the plain old empty calorie pretzels.

Photo granpretzblog.jpg

Overnight Oats

Everyone is looking for a quick an easy breakfast when you are on the go, rushing to work or dropping the kids off at school. Overnight oats are the solution! It's such a simple recipe, just combine steel cut oats and your favorite fruits, nuts and seeds the night before with a little milk.

When you wake up you've got a chilled, healthy, fruity and nutty breakfast that will keep you full all day long. We've got a couple of recipes at Sweet Energy and you can switch out any of your favorites. Let us know if you do and we'll post your recipe!






Check out our amazing overnight oats at our recipe page:



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