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Freebies and Coupons

We created a fun new feature on our website called Freebies and Coupons.  If you click on our "Sale" button on the top a menu will drop down and you can select Freebies and Coupons.  Here we display all the great freebies and money saving you can earn with your order at any time.  It's a great way to make sure you don't miss a fun freebie or ways to save a few dollars on your next order.

Let us know what you think!

Photo 6-12Freebies.jpg


Our New Website is Here!

After months of work with our amazing Web Developer Dave Winzler our new site is live!  Dave created our very first site way back in the 90s and it stood up the test of time, but we all agreed it was time for an update.  In the new site you'll find a ton of exciting improvements the most apparent is that the photos are much larger and easier to see.  Dave helped us improve our navigation and overall feel of the site to hopefully make shopping and ordering easier for you.

Let us know how it looks and operates to you.  Please send me feedback directly at tim@sweetenergy.com

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Almond Chia Chip Cookie On Pinterest

Every day on Pinterest we discover amazing recipes being pinned all around the world using healthy ingredients that we sell at Sweet Energy.  One of our favorite recipe boars is Healthy Almond Recipes and this week we added these wonderful Almond Butter Chia Flax Chocolate Chip cookies.  What a wonderful way to sneak in some nutritious ingredients into the worlds favorite cookie.  Send us recipes and we'll post them on Pinterest! 

Take a look at the recipe by copying this link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/


Photo Almcookie.jpg

One Day Date Flash Sale

 Today only we are having a blowout sale on our Deglet Noor Dates.  You'll save $3.00 per bag and only pay $5.50 per pound.  We just received a fresh shipment of dates from Desert Valley Date in Coachella California.  Once dates are picked they are kept in a half dried state that helps retain their moisture for long periods of time.  When we place an order they complete the drying process and the result are dates that taste like they were picked just yesterday.

Enjoy these fine dates at a great price!


Photo Datesaleblog.jpg

Apricot Crop Update 2018

 Photo Acrop.jpg

Here's a report directly from the farmers in Turkey:

Today morning, apricot growers in Malatya, Turkey, woke up with light hail fail. At these days, prior to the new crop, this downfall may cause lower quality for 2018 crop rather than previous season. Actually it's early to say that but we all should be ready for increasing number of 2nd quality apricots in the new crop. This hail is not a major thing for the crop expectation but this is just a direct information from our growers in the region that may effect the quality of new crop.

So things are looking good, except for a little hail which is normal at this time of year.  We should expect another excellent crop of Apricots this year.

Here are some pictures of the Apricot fields.

Photo Apricotfield3b.jpg

Photo Apricotfield1b.jpg

Photo Apricotfield2b.jpg

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