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Whole Wheat Fruit Bar Bargain!

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it's time for our annual Whole Wheat Bar bargain sale. You can save up to $3 per bag when you buy at least three different flavors. That's as low as $4.50 per pound for all natural, healthy fig n wheat cookies.  If you love Fig Newtons but have never tried our whole wheat fruit bars you are in for a treat!  Not only are these fruit bars incredibly healthy for you, they are sometimes twice the size of a typical Fig Newton.  

At this amazing price just give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

Ginger - A Healing Food

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To some ginger is an exotic food, to others it's a once in a while used spice in cookies and stir frys.  Our customers at Sweet Energy are Ginger fanatics and so are we.

We feature two different types of Crystallized Ginger, Australian and Thai Ginger.  

The Difference Between Australian and Thai Ginger

Australian Ginger is known as the finest ginger in the world.  In Australia they harvest the ginger root at a very young age when it is thick and plump.  As a ginger root ages it becomes more woody and less plump.  They gently cook the tender ginger in a sugar solution and dry it with heat.  Australian Ginger has a more subtle ginger flavor, less spike in the spice and you can taste lemon and vanilla overtones.  Australian Ginger is fantastic for eating right out of the bag or using as a garnish on a cheese plate.  You can certainly cook with it, but the Thai ginger might be better given it's cheaper.

Thai Ginger is a fantastic ginger although it is harvested when the root is much more mature and stringy.  It is cooked in a sugar solution as well and heat dried.  This ginger has a stronger, more unpredictable spice and can be a little more stringy when you chew it.  Thai ginger is still fantastic snacking right out of the bag and is best for cooking.

Proven to Help Nausea

Ginger is a proven natural remedy for nausea.  Just like when you had an upset stomach your Mom told you to sip on ginger ale, crystallized ginger does the very same thing.  Except it's more potent than ginger ale, and does ginger ale really contain ginger?

Just a few pieces of ginger will naturally help in many different times of your life like:

Upset stomach from being sick

Morning sickness 

Post surgery nausea

Car, plane, train and boat motion sickness

Cancer treatment nausea

Ginger is a natural Anti-Inflammatory

Have you ever taken a big bite of ginger and have gone "Wow!" as your whole body reacts to the warming spice that follows.  It's like a low electrical current flows through your entire body.  That's because Ginger naturally increases blood flow which naturally flushes the body and reduces inflammation common in arthritis.

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday!

Don't you just love it when your birthday comes around?  Well here at Sweet Energy we like to celebrate your birthday every day!  You see many years ago my Mom used to hand write a card to every customer on their birthday and enclose a money saving coupon.  As we grew we had to change a few things and now we send out our annual birthday checks in the Summer.

So we apologize if we missed your birthday earlier this year or if your birthday is next month.  But no matter when it is we want to celebrate it and celebrate you by giving you $6.22 off your next order.  Simply place an order for $40 and enter coupon 442-9 on our website and $6.22 will be deducted from your order!


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Pistachio Giveaway

 It's time for our Pistachio Giveaway where we are knocking off $3 each bag of our jumbo California Pistachios.  Every summer we have a big blowout on Pistachios and it is always a big hit.  And as I'm writing this I'm wondering why?  I mean I know why, it's an awesome deal to save $3 for each bag, but there's got to be something about Pistachios and summer. 

Last week I was at my Sister Tiff and Husband Pierre's cabin up in Woodstock, NY (thanks Tiff and Pierre for having us for the week!!) Knowing we were staying there for a week I brought up a bunch of Sweet Energy snacks which are always a big hit.  But by far it was those pistachios that everyone went after morning noon and night.

Ok morning pistachios?  That was me, see I'm always looking for a good source of protein after a run and grabbing a quick handful of Pistchios was an easy way to refuel as I helped prep breakfast each morning.

At lunch a bowl of pistchios was a staple whether it was in the cabin, by the lake or pool.  They are so convenient.

And at night a bowl is the perfect appetizer or side dish to the big dinner which was our most important meal as everyone usually scattered doing various activities during the day.  Even late at night as we usually ended up playing cards for hours those pistchios were still being picked at.

So enjoy those Pistachios morning, noon and night!

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A Pallet of Drizzlicious?

We've been doing some product research lately and found these fun snacks that have chia, flax seed and quinoa.  They are made by a small baker in New Jersey.  Unfortunately they don't have a distributor in Vermont so we'd have to order an entire pallet of these delicious treats.  We're trying to see if they can send us smaller quantities, but maybe you can help us out?

Tell us what you think on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/sweetenergyvt/

Should we order an entire pallet?  If we get lots of interest that will infulence our decision.

Have a great day!

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